I have had the good fortune to direct for the stage, for the NFB of Canada, doing corporate video and doing short docudramas. I have also worked as an on set coach for emerging directors. I was chosen to take the ‘Women in the Director’s Chair’ course in Banff. Each experience was marvelous. Working with actors is an honor and working with designers and technicians is thrilling. Corporate videos offer their own very special rewards for a director as you get to help celebrate and often even shape the image of the company.

John Hirsch Prize Nomination Endorsement

John Hirsch Prize Nomination Endorsement

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Reviews for ``Every Dream``

Mr. Nichol has wrought a compelling modern story line that seamlessly blends these tales together into a potent indictment of life in the 90's.

Stratford Beacon Harold 1

And so it is in Every Dream, James W. Nichol's powerfully resonant new play which opened at the Blyth Festival Friday.

Stratford Beacon Harold 2

Director Kate Trotter has given the evening and appealingly fluid style and her adept cast provides this moving story with genuine flesh-and-blood frailty. Jerry Franken captures perfectly Harry's confusion and overriding will to do right by his family.

Stratford Beacon Harold 3

What makes this production so good is the compassion and humour the playwright has included in the script and director Kate Trotter and the cast offer.

Goderich Signal Star 1

The only really bad thing about this play is that it has a short run at the Blyth Festival.

Goderich Signal Star 2

The Blyth Festival should be complimented for staging such a thought-provoking play in the summer.

London Free Press

James W. Nichol's play Every Dream, playing now at the Blyth Festival, lives up to its billing as "compelling and contemporary." It's a bang on look at the economic and personal challenges faced by today's society.

Lucknow Sentinel