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Kate Trotter: Actress, Director, Coach

Kate Trotter has been an actress for over thirty years. She makes her home in Canada. She has performed extensively for the stage and for the camera working with Canadian and international directors and actors.

Kate also works as a director. She has produced and directed corporate videos, also directing for the stage and for the small screen.

Kate works as a corporate coach, integrating her skill and love of acting into the world of corporate leadership, presentation training and communication. Kate has coached high profile members of the legal world, as well as CEO’s, Presidents and Vice Presidents. She has shared her expertise with people working at all levels of the corporate world and the world of business. Using her experience as an actress Kate excels at helping people at all levels become more effective communicators and relaxed speakers while significantly improving their profile and making them into game changers.

Kate continues to teach young actors both individually and in group settings as well as coaching young professionals striving to improve their interview skills.

Kate is especially interested in working with individuals (regardless of profession, status, age or experience), who are overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety they face in the working world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Words from Clients

Kate's wealth of acting and directorial experience, as well as her substantial knowledge of the text, allows her to guide and shape your current work, but also, gives space for you to leave with more ideas. I wouldn't dream of going into an audition without her kind guidance and her keen eye pointing me along the path and ensuring that the work stays intelligent, centered, and very truthful. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude as her approach got me my dream job!


Kate Trotter has been a wonderful friend, actress, coach and mentor to me over my entire acting career. She demands truth, honesty, strength and passion from the work of her students. Kate is a brilliant actress and brings her wealth of knowledge of the business and expertise of the craft to every session.

Kate Todd

Kate took two wonderful students-at-law from my office during the year they were articling and taught them how to speak effectively as lawyers: they were brilliant, but without Kate's transformation they would not have been half the lawyers they are now.

Clayton Ruby

My experience with Kate proved to be extremely positive and beneficial. I found her to be very dynamic, insightful and inspirational. Her coaching was extremely effective and it exceeded my expectations. Along with enhancing my public speaking skills, I now approach my numerous responsibilities with a great deal more confidence and ease.

Maria V

The coaching and speaking tips gained from Kate have helped me with all aspects of my public speaking. I still use her tips on voice inflection, importance of stage presence, image suggestions to this day. After working with Kate over several private sessions I was able to take my personal strengths and build on them. I now know the art of how to “Tell a Story” on stage – thanks to Kate!

Esther Bast

We called Kate for help after we started work on a video. Kate re-thought the project, re-wrote the script, re-planned the shots and re-directed the video. The results were what we hoped for – a motivational video. It told our corporate story in a way that made us proud. Kate was fun to work with, collaborative, incredibly professional and passionate about what mattered to us. I would absolutely hire her again. But this time I would hire her first!

Ruth Brothers

Kate Trotter helped me move from the uncomfortable to the comfortable in making public addresses. She is a true professional in providing the highest public speaking training. I continue to be her pupil and best supporter. I cannot speak too highly of the professional skills and approach Kate brings to helping executives overcome the traditional concerns about public speaking. Working with Kate is engaging and fun.

John E. Caldwell

Kate Trotter is able to work with an anxious presenter, offer highly effective ways to reduce that anxiety, and in the process free the speaker up to be the best they can be at the podium. I have worked with Kate in all kinds of groups, ranging from non-profit managers, to crown attorneys, to CEOs and their boards. All of them came away feeling as if they have a new lease on this important part of their life.

Bob Ramsay